Diabetic School Lunch Carb Counting Card

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Diabetic School Lunch Carb Counting Card Description

Here is a consistent and efficient way to communicate with your Type 1 child or school staff the Carbohydrates and Insulin required for your child’s lunch. Plus it provides an organized record of their Carbohydrate consumption and dosage. The form is 5′ X 7′ and is printed on 60# while paper. They come in a pad of 66 sheets which should be a 3 month supply. When using this form you will have a written historical record of what your child eats and his/her dosage information. Also great for school if you depend on a school nurse to calculate dosage information. Crystal Creek Supply is owned by a family that has been affected by Type 1 Diabetes. If you have suggestions on how this form can be improved, or different printed item that would help you deal with day-to-day Diabetes care please feel free contact us.

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